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Professional Medical Aesthetic Pressotherapy

Pressomassage is an aesthetic and medical technology based on the exercise of a mechanical pressure obtained through a device that exerts it on the legs, abdomen and arms in order to reactivate blood circulation and thus contributing to the reabsorption of edema and interstitial fluids.

The pressomassage is designed to increase blood and lymphatic circulation, reduces lymphatic edema in the limbs and abdominal swelling, is indicated for varicose veins, improves the flow of oxygen along the body and relieves the sense of pain and fatigue. legs thanks to a pneumatic compression system. The parts to be treated are inserted into arms and leggings in which air is blown intermittently in two phases until they are gradually inflated. The first compression phase, during which the air is released inside the terminals (technical name of the bags) while in the second decompression phase, the air is released. The duration of the phases is a few seconds and are repeated in series.

The advantages of pressomassage:
Thanks to this system, both lymphatic and venous circulation are stimulated, helping to reabsorption of interstitial fluid, improving drainage and acting on lymphatic vessels and ganglia with the addition of a relaxing effect for the reabsorption of edema. Pressomassage is particularly suitable for treating lymphatic problems, edema, cellulite, orange peel skin, streaks, localized swelling, constipation, water retention, poor peripheral circulation, feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, after surgery, after surgery. liposuction and for the prevention of varicose veins.


Presso Dren Digit M DEC25 M is particularly suitable to treat:

  • Circulatory insufficiency
  • Lymphatic stasis
  • Hydro-lipodystrophy (cellulite)
  • Reactive cutaneous fibrosis
  • Hard edema
  • Post surgery
  • Hypotonia
Duration Varies